Our people

The work of the foundation is made possible through the unique network of the European Corporate Governance Institute. This collective of esteemed professors, academics, professionals and interested individuals represents wide-ranging views from around the world which collaborates to deliver innovative, in depth research, working papers, conferences, workshops and more. Working together, they rely on evidence and deliver insights that shapes current thinking on corporate law, market systems, corporate governance and finance.

The map below indicates the regional distribution of appointed ECGI Fellows and Research Members, as at January 2022.

Volunteer collective

Much has changed since ECGI was founded in 2002 by 24 acquaintances from similar backgrounds. The organisation has evolved from a very small volunteer collective into a significantly larger and more global volunteer collective. The collegiate spirit of debate and cooperation has endured through the years, with all 327 research members now being encouraged to submit their papers to the ECGI series, to attend and participate in ECGI events, and to collaborate on projects. ECGI deliberately aims to be an inclusive and fair global forum for research collaboration in all it does.

Academic paper

The Research Members are located in over 150 universities, in 28 countries to date. They have collectively published thousands of research papers and received millions of citations and downloads. Their work on corporate governance and stewardship is published in the ECGI working paper series which includes 1,785 academic papers which are publicly accessible thanks to the support of ECGRF.

Recognition & awards

Many ECGI members have received global recognition and awards for their work. Notable among these are three Nobel Laureates :

Oliver Hart

Harvard University

Bengt Holmström


Jean Tirole

Toulouse School of Economics

Board members

Both ECGRF and ECGI benefit from the generous commitment of board members. To learn more about the leadership of both organisations, visit our Leadership page.

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