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Your financial support makes it possible for us to provide open access to high quality research along with a
collaboration platform to work across international regions, disciplines and industries. The current form of capitalism is a global problem, thus only a global solution will suffice.  
ECGI is uniquely placed, with its international network of influential members, to provide the research, data and direction needed to shape the future of capitalism and the global policy landscape.

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Donor involvement means shaping the future of capitalism, joining a high-level international collaboration, engaging with the foremost international finance, economic, law and management scholars, influencing the global policy landscape and association with positive change for society, business and humanity. 

ECGI has secured the expertise and commitment from a global team of specialists to lead its current initiatives, including

  • the working paper series,
  • the spotlight series,
  • the ECGI Blog
  • and most recently, the Responsible Capitalism project.

There is unbounded interest and willingness from the cohort of almost 330 globally located ECGI researcher members to engage with and push boundaries on research that matters.

All donors are listed on our Supporters page unless they choose not to. 

Charitable status

ECGRF has registered charity status in Belgium (entity no. BE0542700944). Information on cross-border tax deductibility of charitable giving is available from Transnational Giving Europe

Tax exemption for contributions to ECGRF was sought and approved under applicable Belgian legislation by applying for charitable status in 2014.

The application of the following provisions is supervised by the Belgian Ministry of Finance and is a condition for the renewal of charitable status under Belgian Law:

  • at least 80% of the ECGRF annual income will be allocated to research and research-related activities;
  • no more than 20% of the income will be allocated towards general administration.

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