Donations from Benefactors

The income of the Foundation is provided principally by donations from Benefactors – companies, individuals or organisations that pledge an amount of €250,000 over five years either in annual increments or as a lump sum. Such Benefactors become de facto Patrons of the Foundation. At present, two companies have committed to becoming Patrons.

The Foundation through its existing Patrons and its Board of Trustees is actively engaged in efforts to secure a further four more Patrons thereby accruing sufficient funds in the first instance to start making a meaningful impact on its forward agenda to support the ECGI. In the longer-term, the Foundation is seeking to increase the number of Patrons to a maximum of 12.

Other Funding

The Foundation may also undertake to support other organisations pursuing objectives similar to those of the ECGI once its funding reaches a threshold of €750,000 per annum. Until such time as this threshold is reached, the Foundation will not entertain requests for research funding from other third party organisations or individuals.

If you are interested in becoming a Patron or if you wish to make a donation to ECGRF, please contact

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