Shareholder Ideology and Stewardship

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The Roundtable will focus on the nature of governance interventions by institutional shareholders. Institutional investors have a conflict between promoting socially responsible behaviour of companies and shareholder value orientation at all cost. What can we learn from voting behaviour about “shareholder ideology”? How actively involved are institutional investors with portfolio companies? Do active managers take buy and sell decisions based on governance and stewardship information? Is there a link between sell decisions, voting and other types of governance intervention?


Marco Becht, Solvay Brussels School, ECGI and CEPR

Luca Enriques, University of Oxford and ECGI

Programme Outline: 

The day is structured around introductory briefings from previously designated participants. These interventions are intended to stimulate further interventions and discussion between all attendees. The use of slides is possible but not necessarily encouraged. The prior distribution of written material is encouraged.

15:00   Registration

15:15   Welcome – Hans Hirt, Executive Director, Hermes EOS

15:30   “Investor Ideology”[1] Patrick Bolton, Columbia Business School and ECGI

16:45   Tea/ Coffee

17:15   “How Active are Active Managers?” [2], Julian Franks, London Business School and ECGI

18:30   Concluding remarks – Marco Becht, Executive Director, ECGI


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